About Us

Greendriver4u is your driving solution. We're based in Leonardtown, Maryland, and will drive your rented truck (i.e., Penske, U-Haul, etc.) anywhere in the continental U.S.

Our company motto is, “One client, one truck, one load, one delivery.” We'll never combine your load with another client’s load on the same truck. We use the same truck to pick up your load as we do to deliver it, and handle your load as if each item was our own. In other words, we treat your belongings as we'd want others to treat ours.

Our delivery time is the actual time it takes to safely drive from your pickup location to your drop-off location. We never take your load to a warehouse to sit until we get more loads that are going to the same state as your load before yours can be delivered to the new location.

There are no hidden costs. We don’t give you one quote and then call you after the truck is loaded and the driver has left telling you that the cost is more because there were stairs, or that the driver had to park so many feet from the doorway.

With our quote, you'll receive a breakdown of all costs in advance, so you'll know exactly what you're paying for.

We give you an estimate of fuel costs based on current prices, and when our driver stops for fuel, he'll get a receipt. We present all fuel receipts upon delivery of your load, and if the total fuel cost was less than we estimated, we reimburse you the difference.

Our drivers use a current GPS system along with printed directions and a cell phone to keep in contact with you. You'll know exactly when our driver will arrive at your delivery address. Our driver will call you twice a day (morning and evening) to keep you informed of his progress. You'll also have our driver’s cell phone number so you can stay in direct contact.

Our company is based more on providing a good service than it is based on how much money we can make. We try to save our clients money in every way we can.

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